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Karhi/Rajma/Chollee ChawalStarting From 4000 per 101 PlatesCall Now
Chole & ChawalStarting From 4199 per 101 PlatesCall Now
Aalu-puri-HalwaStarting from ₹4999 per 101 PlatesCall Now
Cholee kulchaStarting From ₹4199 per 101 PlatesCall Now
Raita ₹1199 for 101 glassesCall Now
Ruavza SharbatStarting from ₹1500Call Now
Blanket DistributionConnect to our sales teamCall Now
Biryani DistributionStarting at ₹2000 per 100 PlatesCall Now
Customize Your PlateConnect to our sales teamCall Now
Deluxe ThaliStarting from ₹169/PlateCall Now
Normal Thali (Dal, Aalu Jeera, Salad, Raita, 4 Roti, 2 Tandoori Roti,Rice)Starting from ₹99 -Bulk Order Call Now
Desi Ghee Suzi HalvaAs low as ₹4999 for 101 PlatesCall Now
Khichri101 Plate @2999 Call Now
Desi ghee Laddo Box101 Box @5199 Call Now
Normal Boondi Laddo101 Box @4199Call Now
Customised Order At your ConvienceConnect to our sales teamCall Now

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